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Kitchen seasoning basket size Daquan kitchen seasoning basket installation details should pay attention


The advantage of modern cabinets is the rational use of space and the creation of a neat kitchen environment. Take the seasoning basket. The seasoning basket is a good helper for finishing the kitchen. The seasoning basket is a type of cabinet pull basket. It can store various cooking condiments neatly, pull it out when needed, hide it in the cupboard when it is not needed, and has strong practicability. It also looks clean and beautiful. So, what's the size of the seasoning baskets ? Everyone knows how to install the kitchen seasoning baskets? Many people don't understand the function of the seasoning baskets, but often ask whether the seasoning baskets are practical? But don't worry, here's my focus on the seasoning basket size and the kitchen seasoning basket. The installation method and precautions are explained in detail and I hope to help everyone.

Seasoning basket type

According to the material can be six categories: First, stainless steel plating seasoning basket wire; Second, iron plating seasoning basket wire; Third, aluminum alloy seasoning basket; Four, stainless steel seasoning basket; Five, iron paint seasoning basket; Six, non-metallic material Condiment baskets, such as: plastic, bamboo and wood. Choose materials based on kitchen style. Condiment basket selection, in addition to solid materials, reasonable design, focus on the quality of the slide. The wear of the slide rail is the greatest. If the quality is poor, the service life will be very short.

Seasoning basket size

The seasoning basket is mounted in the cabinet and the size is selected according to the size of the cabinet. Specifications: 600 cabinets, 700 cabinets, 750 cabinets, 900 cabinets and other five kinds of common depth 42cm and 45.5cm two. Seasoning basket size recommendation:

The depth of the cabinet is 42cm, and the size of the seasoning basket is: 600 cabinets: 52.3 wide * 14 cm high, 700 cabinets: 62.3 wide * 14 high cm, 720 cabinets: 64.3 wide * 14 high cm, 750 cabinets: 66.6 wide * 14 high Cm, 800 cabinets: 72.3 wide * 14 cm high, 900 cabinets: 82.3 wide * 14 cm high.

Cabinet depth 45.5cm, seasoning basket size: 600 Cabinet: 56.5 wide * 20 high cm, 700 cabinets: 66.5 wide * 20 high cm, 720 cabinets: 68.5 wide * 20 high cm, 750 cabinets: 71.5 wide * 20 High cm, 800 cabinets: 76.5 wide * 20 high cm, 900 cabinets: 86.5 wide * 20 high cm.

Seasoning basket effect

Condiment baskets are used to hold the condiments that the kitchen needs. As we all know, there are many seasonings in the kitchen, varying in length and length. Stacked on the stove top, or according to the size of the cabinet in different heights, the use is very inconvenient, after use to pack trouble. The appearance of seasoning baskets has changed this problem. Seasoning baskets are installed in the cabinets to broaden the efficiency of use. What kinds of condiments can be stored in them and make full use of space, which makes them both regular and hygienic.

Kitchen seasoning basket installation method

The choice of drill: If you buy it yourself, learn to install it yourself. The first step in the installation is to select the drill. Fix the screw and use a screw hole. Different cupboard materials and different screw sizes are required. If the material is more solid, do not choose a glass drill, but choose a marble drill. According to the size of the cabinet pull basket screw, a moderate hole is made in the cabinet and the wall.

Installation of the screws: After the appropriate holes have been made in the cabinet, install the screws. Need to plug up the installation, to ensure that the screw is more solid. Raise plugs need to stay on the outside, easy to place baskets.

Match the pull basket track: Install the seasoning pull basket according to the track, first match the pull basket track, after the track is installed, you can put the pull basket up.

Kitchen seasoning basket installation notes

The cabinet pull basket installation and the cabinet installation are roughly the same. After the track is installed, the pull basket can be installed, paying attention to the horizontality of the pull basket.

When loading drawers and cupboards, pull the basket down as far as it will go, and make full use of the space. The handles are in the middle. If the handles are high, they will not work when pulled. Put the cupboard to pull the basket panel and plug it up with a small upswing, because it is difficult to pull the basket and the front and back panels. It takes a long time to pull the screws off.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of kitchen seasoning basket size Daquan kitchen seasoning basket to pay attention to the relevant knowledge, the kitchen is where we prepare meals for the family, tidy and clean is very important. Seasoning baskets can help us create a good kitchen environment and make cooking time more interesting.

Seasoning basket size

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